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Questions And Answers On Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

Graham Questions And Answers On Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

Graham asks…

Recovery time for carpal tunnel and dequervain’s tendonitis Surgery?

I have to get surgery on Oct 25 2010, This Monday. I ‘m getting both surgeries done at the same time and i was just wondering if anyone knew how long it would take to recover. The reason i want to know is because i have to take school of for the surgery and i would like to know how many day to tell my teachers that i’m going to miss. Thanks. By the way if it matters i’m 19yrs old.

admin answers:

Nicole, the carpal tunnel surgery is the least of the two. You will have the wrist wrapped post-operatively an should be able to start to use the hand in a few days. The de Quervain’s surgery on the thumb may take a little longer. The main difference is that with the carpal tunnel surgery they are opening up the tunnel and clearing away any compressive forces on that area mainly the retinaculum, a band that goes around the wrist to hold the tendons in place. While with the thumb they are going to have to work on the tendons. The tendons are going to take longer to respond as they are going to have to be worked on in either occupational or physical therapy. I hope that the surgeon who is doing this is a certified hand surgeon. They are specialists beyond being an orthopedist.

Mandy Questions And Answers On Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

Mandy asks…

Recovery period any faster after having a second Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

I had the surgery done in August and it didn’t work (doc didn’t do it right), now I’m scheduled to have a hand surgeon to do the operation.

Is the recovery time going to be faster/better this time around?
last time it took me 8 weeks before I was able to return to work on light duties.
Yes I do have pain in my fingers including my thumb. When I had a consultation with the hand surgeon he asked me a few questions and looked at my scar and he knew it wasn’t completely cut right.

admin answers:

I think they will keep the wirst in place at least for 6 weeks . Why didnt he cut the whole tendon last time ?

Do You still have pain in Your fingers and Your pain worsens when You put Your both hands together and push them ??

Shelley Questions And Answers On Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

Shelley asks…

Has anyone had 2 Carpal Tunnel surgeries on the same hand?? what was your recovery time?

I’m having my second one done within 6 months of my last one, how long should the recovery period take?

admin answers:

My mom had the same thing although there was a much longer time period in between surgeries her recovery time was approximately 4-6 weeks.

Hope I helped =)

Lisa Questions And Answers On Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

Lisa asks…

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Post Op Recovery. Is this normal?

I have CT in both hands for a few years, worse in my dominant hand (right). I finally decided to have the surgery done and I just had the surgery done on December 10 on my right hand, and I know its only 2 weeks but I am regretting having it done. If I could get some feedback about my recovery process I would really appreciate if what I am experiencing is common with the recovery. For one week I had the cast/splint on, a lot of pain, basically couldn’t use my hand at all for one week. When the cast came off I started to use my hand more, but very gently because still very painful from the surgery. So its two weeks now, still have pain and the type of pain I have is still a lot of pain in my inner wrist and it still looks a bit bruised and its still swollen a bit going down my inner arm. Its very tender to touch on my wrist and inner arm. My fingers have a really weird type of sensation, a bit painful, my thumb is the most painful. There are still some things that I can’t do like, turn a door knob, use a spray bottle, anything that involves using a good grip, especially with the thumb. My grip feels very week. My right shoulder feels very tight and sore for the past week, and get some pain in my right elbow. I still have some brusing in my palm. There is pain around the incision and its very tender, this I expected, its a cut.
So everything I have desribed I have not experienced at all before the surgery, I didn’t have this type of pain with my CT, my CT problem was mostly numbness and pain in hands when on the computer at work. I have gone to some pain to 100 times worse. I know this is from the surgery… is this normal to be experinecing this type of pain still 2 weeks after the surgery? Is this pain and sensations I am feeling normal after having the surgery done? How long does it usually take to feel better after the surgery? I’m getting really frustrated and very down, I feel that I wish I never had this done. I have a two year daughter and its hard for me to have this kind of pain and take care of her and be in an up mood. If others could share with me and comment on what I am experiencing post op, I would really appreicate it. Thanks

admin answers:

The best person to ask is your doctor/surgeon. Only they know how much work was done and what you should expect. Also there is no reason to be in pain. They can help control this post-op pain and give you some good amswers.pp

Thomas Questions And Answers On Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

Thomas asks…

Has anyone here had Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Has anyone here had Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Im considering it and I am wondering how evasive it is? Recovery time etc…..

admin answers:

My husband did and it was super successful. They normally do one hand at a time. My advice is to do your right first, so that it will be the first one to recover. The recovery time is about 6 weeks each hand. If you work in a job that is more physical, it could be up to 8 weeks, but it all depends on your body. Also, make sure to research a very good doctor. Hands are very tricky to work on. They have the most bones in one area of any part of your body. Ask for a referal from a couple of doctors in your area. We were lucky and got the best surgeon in our city. Good luck!

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